At Lang Lang Dental, we provide the best quality dental implants and treatment. Dental implants are made from artificial tooth roots placed into the jawbone replacing any missing natural teeth or dentures. Our affordable dental implants closely mimic the function and feel of natural teeth™s – the closest thing to having your real teeth back!

What is a dental implant?

Made of medical grade titanium, a dental implant is effectively an ‘anchor’ inserted into your jaw bone, replicating how your natural tooth sits in your mouth. An artificial crown, also known as a ‘cap’ is then placed on top of the anchor to secure it in place. Implants can be used to replace missing teeth or stabilise loose dentures.

Dental implants not only help restore a patient’s ability to chew food, they are also more comfortable and easily maintained then dentures. Tooth implants are cared for, and behave like, your original teeth.

What’s involved in a dental implant procedure?

The dental implants procedure is usually completed in stages. In the first stage, the surgeon places the artificial implant in the jawbone. Once in, the gum is covered over the implant, secured, and left for around three to six months. The implant then fuses together with the jawbone, in a process called ‘osseointegration’. This procedure is generally performed using local anaesthetic in the Lang Lang dental clinic. While patients can expect some pain and swelling for a few days following the surgery, recovery time is usually minor. In the final stage of the procedure, the implant is exposed and a connector called an abutment is placed on-top of the dental implant. This allows the crown – or artificial cap – to be placed on the abutment completing the procedure.

How long does an implant last?

Dental implants boast one of the highest success rates of any procedure performed in dentistry. If anchored by sufficient bone, dental implants can last for many years. Like any form of surgery, Lang Lang Dental provides the best tooth implants and treatment results for your individual needs.

At Lang Lang Dental, we offer affordable dental implants at our local clinic. Dr Naser Albabari, our visiting specialist oral surgeon, has advanced training in implant surgery, having a Master of Science and Speciality Membership of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery from the Royal College of Surgeons and Physicians in Glasgow. His friendly and compassionate approach will ensure a comfortable and positive experience.

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