Orthodontics in Lang Lang

At Lang Lang Dental, we offer an extensive range of quality orthodontic services for adults and children alike. We can quickly and effectively straighten your teeth via a number of options including:

Early Orthodontic Screening
Traditional Braces (Metal & Ceramic)
Clear Aligner Treatment (e.g. Invisalign)

Why choose Early Orthodontic Screening for your child?

We think a healthy smile is about more than just straightening teeth, it can also improve your overall health for the long-term. Usually completed at 7 to 9 years of age, Early Orthodontic Screening helps identify concerns before adulthood and make certain your child’s jaws are developing correctly.

Our Lang Lang Dental clinic will determine the best orthodontic treatment plan for your child’s individual needs. We do this with a combination of braces and growth appliances (e.g. orthodontic plates), reducing the need to remove teeth wherever possible. We understand you want the best possible care and experience for your child, while also having the braces treatment completed as quickly as possible.

Lang Lang Dental also offers a range of orthodontic options for adults, including more discreet treatments (Invisalign & Lingual braces), as well as traditional braces (metal & ceramic).

We understand orthodontic treatment can be a financial burden on individuals and families. That’s why we offer payment plans for all orthodontic (teeth straightening) services to keep braces affordable.

To book a consultation, call us (03) 9069 2026, or get in touch via info@langlangdental.com.au. Our friendly and knowledgeable orthodontic team will be happy to assist you.

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