Dr Jeevan Sivalingam graduated from the University of Queensland, completing his dental degree with honours. Since graduation, he has worked in several private practices, and has been dual registered in both Australia and the United Kingdom. He is a member of the Australian Dental Association and regularly attends continuing education courses both in Australia and internationally. He has a special interest in Dental Sleep Medicine and has completed a post graduate diploma at the University of Western Australia. He is also involved in our most complex cases including rebuilding smiles, implant restorations and full mouth rehabilitation.

Outside of dentistry, Jeevan enjoys travelling and exploring new cultures and always likes to display some photos of his adventures at the practice. Having been brought up in the UK, Jeevan is also a keen footballer (soccer) and can still be seen playing for his local team. He spends most of his time outside of work with his wife and children.

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Not all wisdom teeth have to be removed. Usually the decision to recommend extraction of wisdom teeth is made when there are symptoms (inflamed gum, swelling, pain), pathology (e.g a cyst) or if a wisdom tooth is partially erupted – that means when part of the crown of the tooth has come through the gum, but not all of it. This is because partially erupted wisdom teeth are non-functional but very difficult to keep clean, which often leads to gum inflammation or decay.

The decision to recommend having your wisdom teeth removed will be assessed by an examination and x-ray, though ultimately this decision is yours.

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